Applied Force is a specialty auto company ranging from high performance road cars to all out race ready cars. Our emphasis on superior craftmanship can be seen in our hands-on approach to building cars. It seems that those unique qualities that have made our exotic marques so prestigious have been compromised by assembly lines and computerized manufacturing. Specializing in Autosport design and construction, we cater to the individual whose appetite demands more than just a production sports car. From the classic sports car to the exotic auto, Applied Force will inspire you to dream. Each one of our exceptional cars is handcrafted to become your masterpiece. Whether it’s a beautiful classic such as the AC Cobra, the Daytona Coupe, the GT-40, or virtually any other vintage sports car, AF will construct a version that no longer mimics the outdated technology seen 25 to 50 years ago. Using state of the art technology, space-age tubular chassis, and race craft componentry we can give more than just a replica of a classic. We can give you cutting edge technology in the confines of those timeless body lines. Our passion for cars isn’t exclusive to creating traditional-looking sports cars, our craftsmen hand build all types of vehicles that are not only race proven, but refreshingly original. Applied Force’s mission to raise the benchmark and become the platform for true automotive craftsmanship can always be seen in any of our projects. So, accept my invitation to explore a fresh perspective on the values that make any premier car so exceptional, its ability to convey true automotive excellence.

1965 Cobra Kit Car
Cobra kit car painted on cart Cobra kit car chasis on jack stands
Cobra kit car custom instrument panel Cobra kit car completed
1969 Baja Bug
Baja Bug on frame jig - front end Baja Bug on frame jig - side view
Baja Bug font end crash bar Baja Bug race stance
1966 Pontiac GTO
1966 GTO undercarriage before 1966 GTO undercarriage after
1966 GTO LS3 conversion 1966 GTO completed
1969 Chevy Camaro
1969 Camaro subframe ready for suspension 1969 Camaro new 4 link suspension
1969 Camaro LS3 conversion 1966 GTO LS3 conversion buttoned up
1969 Camaro on lift 1969 Camaro completed
Indy Car Custom Exhaust
Indy car custom headers ready for weld Indy car custom headers fit test
Indy car custom headers completed side view Indy car custom headers completed from the back
Vanishing Point 2002
Vanishing Point arriving in container from overseas Vanishing Point in container body up
Vanishing Point restored on flatbed truck from paint shop Vanishing Point on flatbed truck restored body up